Thursday, 26 March 2015

Drones are dead, long live Drones

Let me present this screenshot from EVEMon:

In just over 5 hours 30 minutes Advanced Drone Interfacing V will complete and that will mark the end of training Drone skills. Finished, Done, The End.

Unless they add new Drone skills and I really don't think they will. Actually I think they might want to cut the power of Drones further... but I digress. That is a post for later.

It's taken me nearly a whole year, at 2700 SP per hour, to complete the Drone skills and this skill, which is pretty much, no it is useless but it does round off the whole category and it makes the first that I've actually completed on this character to V:

Of course this achievement will occur during the early hours of Friday morning my time and, whilst something special, there is no way I will be awake.

So this post will mark it and I shall then move on to the depressing Navigation skill as they are woeful on this character.

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