Monday, 23 March 2015

Failure of a Torpedo Delivery Service

I've been a little too busy recently and I have neglected my wormhole alt, I will be addressing that but I have kept up to date with goings on and it appears that a group have decided to camp our wormhole and "inflict suffering and loss" upon us.

In reality it seems to be a camp by a dozen or so bombers with light/medium cloaky tackle and much failure. Don't get me wrong, they have gotten a kill or two but these have been as much failures on our part as success on theirs.

Trolling Level V Completed

Today however they failed whilst attacking one of our members and lost a ~200m ISK Bomber which resulted in the following missive being sent:
Dear Solvenaria Azionchenkov, 
Thank you for your attempt to deliver torpedoes to me. Sadly for you, the quality of your service is sub-par and your torpedoes are wholly inferior in quality, clearly made by illiterate children in some broke-ass third world country. Therefore I am exercising my consumer rights by returning your torpedoes, with interest.  
In future I will take my munitions delivery via Danoz Direct, because they come with a free set of steak knives.  
I have corrected a few, minor, spelling mistakes but otherwise this is as sent and is just brilliant. 

I will be logging in more often now my work load has reduced and this type of humour just makes me think I've found a corp that I can be myself in.

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