Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Unexpected Surprise

I have previously blogged, a fair while ago, about getting a Dread Guristas Cloaking Device in a Level 4 mission in high sec but I've beaten that in a drop I got from a Level 4 storyline mission in null sec.

In the fourth part of the Nomads Level 4 storyline mission, there was a named battleship and he was quite a pain to take out as he was doing four or five times more damage than the normal battleships he had escorting him. I had to warp the Gila out three times before I reduced enough of the dps from the spawn to be able to tank it.

Once the named rat was dead I mosied over to his wreck and found this along with some basic modules:

Not an implant I've ever seen before and the description said this:

This is an implant worth keeping or should I sell it fetch a nice price. 

But as luck would have it this is a nice implant but Jita has quite a few for sale and they're only worth ~280m ISK. Still I have no intention of selling as this will make a very good Slot 7 implant for my Dreadnaught jump clone. 

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