Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Nomads - Level 4 Storyline Wrap Up

Last night I wasn't able to finish the final mission of the Nomads story line mission I got from my Mining Agent,  downtime just came too quickly and there was no way I was going to be able to complete four rooms in nine minutes.

More so as the incoming dps was enough to make me warp my Gila out after landing in the first room, reading up on the mission was of little use as the reference to the mission was from 2008 and didn't go into much detail.

I petitioned to get the final mission reset before I logged off last night and spent a little bit before I went to sleep trying to work out how to do this mission.

When I logged in this evening I asked my CEO to assist and he offered an off grid booster and possible a suicide logistics ship but as luck would have it a PvP target rich environment happened tonight so he was distracted by that but he did run his booster for me with Siege (shield resistance) and Skirmish (signature radius) links.

If At First

I undocked the mission owner in his pod and warped to the deadspace area, this is a useful trick as NPC's will NOT attack a pod and I was able to move slowly 50km above initial spawn point. Whilst he was moving I warped my combat pilot in at 50km and arrived 30km underneath the spawn point and away from the serious dps that bothered me last night.

I then targeted the webbing ships and used my missiles and drones to kill them whilst staying around 50km from the battleships.

A few minutes later and the room was clear and I looted the Alpha Gate card from the last battleship I killed.

Alpha Room

I warped in and had a fright as my overview was NOT setup to show faction warfare NPC's so I didn't see the dozen webbing frigates that surrounded me when I landed. A quick change to the overview and I engage the afterburner and align to my repair station (just in case).

I primary the webbing frigates and receive a tip from alliance that I should run the Federation Navy Omnidirectional Tracking Link without any scripts to get both a bonus to tracking speed/optimal range. As soon as I did this my Valkyries started to kill frigates in one shot rather than the two or three when I had the tracking speed script installed.


The room was cleared and I checked the last NPC killed for the Beta Room key, which I prompted used to use the Beta gate.

Beta Room

With my overview now correctly showing all NPC's I warped into the Beta room and was able to see that I had three groups of targets. 
  • Group 1 were 3 battleships at 35km 
  • Group 2 were a mix of frigates, cruisers and a couple of Battleships at 75km
  • Group 3 were a mix of frigates, cruisers, three Battleships and a named cruiser at 90km
I noticed no aggro on landing and it was only when I attacked that any aggro came from the group I was engaging. As a result I maintained range with my afterburner on, so my drones could engage. Targeting the webbing frigates first, then cruisers and finally the battleships I was able to kill them all taking minimal damage.

The named cruiser was putting out significantly more damage than the battleships, when they did hit, so once the cruisers were finished I killed the named cruiser and finished off the battleships. I had a nice surprise when I looted the named cruiser and found two +3% and one 5% implants.

The final battleship I killed held the Gamma Room key and nothing else, so I grabbed the key and off I warped.

Gamma Room

The final room, again warp in was clear and this time I had two large groups of NPC's to deal with.
  • Group 1 were a mix of frigates, cruisers and battleships at 70km 
  • Group 2 were a mix of frigates, cruisers, 4 battleships and a named battleship at 90km 
I approached this room the same as the Beta Room. Maintaining distance with my afterburner whilst using my drones to kill the NPC's in order from smallest to largest, with a particular emphasis on the webbing frigates.

Group 1 didn't last more than 10 minutes and I moved on to Group 2, again webbing frigates were killed quickly and then cruisers. The battleships were around 40km from me now and, with the exception of the named battleship, not hitting me.

I was still very much tanking these, my shields hadn't dropped below 90% as of yet, so I moved in and engaged the named rat with HAMs and drones whilst orbiting at 15km. He took three minutes to explode at which point I checked his wreck and was very happy to see a pair of Republic Fleet modules which I grabbed and then finished off the rest of the ships.


I warped a Noctis in after I'd finished the mission and looted/salvaged every wreck in each room and as a result I managed to get quite a selection of T1 salvage and modules that I can reprocess as well as the implants/faction modules that I grabbed.

Excluding the T1 modules this is what I got out of the entire 5 mission arc that I received.

All up a little over 550m ISK worth of loot that I can use or sell on the market. A very profitable mission  arc even if it took a lot of effort and never ending clicking of d-scan.

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