Sunday, 10 August 2014

Making Rigs

My primary production is still on hold, I have another 6ish weeks of stock to last me, but I needed to get a new Noctis and decided to manufacture the rigs for this as I had 90% of the components and I'd only need a small outlay of ISK to buy what I didn't have.

Sometimes its not worth doing this, unless you have the blueprint (original or copy) and materials yourself its often cheaper to buy from the market. In this case I nearly did, but at 30m each the rigs I decided to have a look for a blueprint and see if I had the salvage materials.

The rigs are for a specific use and aren't for resale so I'm not overly concerned with price, so long as they're cheaper than Jita I'll be happy.


I found the following blueprint in Jita:

3 runs for 27m ISK means 9m per run that I need to add to each rig price to correctly identify the overall cost. I don't need to purchase any skill books as my character has the necessary skills injected and trained.

Assembling the Components

As I have to travel to Jita to get the blueprint I also bought the other items I needed:
  • Nanite Compound - 1,504,106.73 ISK
  • R.A.M. - Armor/Hull Tech - 1,440 ISK

I also found, thanks to jEVEAssets, that I had the Interface Circuits and Intact Armor Plates already in my planned high sec production system. This surprised me as I didn't think I had so much salvage but it certainly saves me money as I don't have to buy these (and Intact Armor Plates are nearly 4m ISK each in Jita).

I collected the pieces from Jita and then put them in my Item Hanger ready for use.


  • I right clicked on the blueprint and selected Use Blueprint

  • Change the Job Runs to 3
  • I check the Cost and Duration (making sure I have enough ISK in my wallet)
  • All yellow Start button means we're good to go, so I click Start

The total job cost comes up as 1,346,843 ISK and will take just under 15 hours to complete, which when you look at my cost per run:
  • Blueprint: 9m ISK
  • Materials: 501368.91 ISK
  • Job Cost: 448947.66 ISK

Indicates my production will come in nealy 66% cheaper than the 30m per Rig price that is found in Jita for the rig. 

Awesome, now I just need to wait for them to finish building:

But Your Materials Aren't Free

True, there is my time and effort to find them but I cannot calculate this as I don't know how long I've had these. I have a feeling some of the salvage I've used I've had since 2011/2012 when I was actively salvaging every wreck after battles when I was in Providence.

If I was to assume I was buying the salvage off of the market it would only add around 14m to each rig being built, so the price will go up and still be just cheaper than Jita. 


The whole effort to build was simple and took less than six mouse clicks and 20 seconds, it was actually more effort travelling to Jita and buying what I didn't have off the market.

The new UI for industry takes some getting used to compared to the old method but it is far superior and very cleanly sets out the process and associated costs.

The rigs will be completed and installed on my new Noctis and then, hopefully, I can start farming new materials from sites I complete.

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