Monday, 25 August 2014

One Hundred and Fifteen

The post title is the number of jumps I did yesterday through High Sec in my jump freighter.

There and Back Again and Again

I started the day in Jita picking up new items for the local store and collecting Alliance/Corporation courier contracts back to our null sec base. A handful of jumps were through 0.5 space so I made sure to take control at these times but otherwise I ran on autopilot for most of the journey and either did some RL chores  or helped my wife plant strawberries in a new area of the garden.

Of course as I moved through space people asked me if I'd left Jita and because I'm a nice guy I said I had but could go back. Going back at the time was 30-odd jumps but still, I had the space and I was asked nicely.

So I dropped my cargo off at a temporary station, so as to provide a less tempting target for any would-be ganker, and headed back to Jita, then Amarr and finally back to pick up that that I originally started with. Then it was 7 jumps further to the first system that was within jump range of home.

A little over seven hours and one hundred and fifteen jumps after I originally left Jita I was home. I delivered my contracts and logged off.

It was exhausting auto-piloting through New Eden.

Maximum Warp Speed, Mr Navigator

The cargo size I was carrying influenced my decision to refit with nanofiber structure's in the low slots, this provides a noticeable increase in agility that helps you get into warp faster. A higher top speed would be a nice addition so I checked the prices for the recently added warp speed modules, which increase ship acceleration and warp speed:

  • Limited Hyperspatial Accelerator
  • Experimental Hyperspatial Accelerator
  • Prototype Hyperspatial Accelerator

The Prototype Hyperspatial Accelerator is the top variant that modifies by 0.3 where as the other two do so by 0.25 and 0.2. Prices are considerably different with the Prototype being ten times the price of the Limited and five times the price of a Experimental (133m vs. 13m/25m).

I was going to buy three Prototype but have decided to hold off and see if any of my friends come across the BPC's for these modules on their travels. I'm in no rush for them, I've managed to work without them thus far but I would like to get them by the end of this year as a nice upgrade for my high sec travel.

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