Thursday, 14 August 2014

Site News

I was thinking the other day I should post a Site Update to let people know of posts to come and other minutiae that don't really warrant their own post. Finally got around to it this morning, in between my morning work duties.

Welcome New Readers

Welcome Redditors and zKillboard/EVE-Kill people. My post earlier this week on the Titan kill in Mai has generated a lot of traffic thanks to people posting the link to the article on Reddit and the kill on zKillboard/EVE-Kill.

The traffic has been welcome and satisfying to see but I do hope those that have visited stay and check out some of my other posts. Leave a comment (or two) if you have feedback.

The Smiling Assassin

There is one more post to come in the TSA Series, I'm just waiting on some final information from TSA before I post the final part. Unfortunately TSA hasn't been in-game very much recently and until he returns there isn't much I can do. 

And I won't post half complete what I have.

Future Posts

I'm working on posts covering a variety of topics, including:
  • Amarr based COSMOS missions 
  • Making Storyline BPCs using Takmahl components
  • New scams found added to the Know Your Scams series
  • Guide to Booster manufacturing
  • Update to running Level 4 missions in Null Sec

Of course there will also be posts on other topics that pop up on the forums, other blogs I read or things that pop into my head.

Comments Appreciated

If you have a comment, constructive if possible, or wish to provide feedback, please do so. Its nice to hear from readers about how I can improve the blog

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