Thursday, 6 March 2014

Reaction Towers and Silos

One of the most frustrating things running towers is making sure they are adequately protected. I'm lucky I can call on a number of corporations/alliances nearby that will help me defend my towers but ideally I want to be able to add 'teeth' to my towers to ward off opportunist attacks but also that will cause a bloody nose to someone who does attack.
Guns don't need CPU but do need Powergrid however other defensive modules such as Warp Disruptors and ECM Batteries do use CPU and understandably. As a result I can put guns on my towers but the support modules I really need to go with them I cannot.
In an ideal universe we'd like more CPU generated by our towers but this, I believe, is a major and would have to be properly analysed and vetted.


However something that could change now is to lower the CPU requirements of one module, the silo. The silo has a CPU requirement of 500 tf and I really cannot see why, the Silo doesn't need to react things, it doesn't need to process anything so why does it need so much CPU.
Even after the 'mentioned' POS revamp in the future changing the Silo now should not impact that, so lets get the CPU requirement of the Silo reduced from 500 to 100 or better still 50.
This would free up a lot of CPU so we can properly defend our towers (which we invest a lot of ISK into, upfront too) and give those that do want to try to take them a bloody nose before we drop our friends on them.

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