Monday, 10 March 2014

Creating a Super Capital Character - Part 1 - Overview


Quite a while ago I was looking on the official EVE Forums and I noticed a trend of people wanting to buy super capital capable characters. The demand was more than those selling and so I did a bit more research into what skillset these characters had and how long it took to make them.

What I found was interesting, a Super carrier Pilot could be made for an investment of ISK and time and, once completed, they would sell for between 9b and 18b depending on the skillset and what racial carrier skills the character is trained for.

What People Want

I've found most people looking for a Super carrier character want either a Gallente or Amarr trained character. This is because the two most used Super carrier ships are the Nyx and Aeon (not unrelated is the fact both are armour based ships).


I've been creating characters like this for nearly 9 months now, focusing on the skillplan and maximizing my investment return by focusing on what people want. Some people want basic, "sit in ship" character that they can then train and expand on whilst others want the "whole package" which means maximizing a lot of core and racial skills.

The latter character obviously requires more ISK and time to train but is worth considerably more where as the "sitter character" is ready quicker and doesn't require as much ISK investment.

The choice you need to make is simple:
  • What race ships do you want to fly
  • Do you want a sitter or a fully developed character
Obviously the choices come down to how much ISK and time you want to devote to the endeavour.

What's to Come

Part 2 of this Guide will cover the Basic Skillplan needed for a "sitter" with Part 3 expanding on this to show the Core and additional skills that need to be taken to Level V for any pilot to be combat ready.

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