Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Lowering Broker Fees

I've previously mentioned that I was looking to see if I could save more ISK by lowering further the 0.75% broker fee incurred when setting up Sell Orders on my Trading Alt.
I'm happy to report that I've managed to lower this to 0.70% as of today but I don't believe I will get this to what I thought was the lowest level of 0.1875%.
0.7% Broker's fee and dropping
Standings were increased by being in fleet with an Alt missioning for Caldari Navy and then sharing the rewards when completing the mission. For Level 1/2 missions this was frustratingly slow, but training Connections to IV and Social to IV on my Trading Alt improved the rate at which I gained standings.
A little extra training to make the standings increase faster
The 0.05% reduction in my Broker Fees seems to correlate with a 2.00 standing that I have with the Caldari Navy. Based on this I believe I should see a maximum reduction of 0.05% per 2.00 standings, meaning a total reduction of 0.25% or a final figure for Broker Fees of 0.50%.
Current standings after a weekend of grinding
It's not a huge amount but over trades I do a month this will add up to be several tens of million ISK and that's no longer being removed from my wallet.

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  1. I was looking to do the same thing (trying to improve my trader alt's standings with Caldari Navy) and took some advice from Gevlon Goblin's blog and did level 3 distribution missions near the Ono system. There's a chain of systems and I'd pick up missions heading up the chain and pick up/deliver as I went through the 4 or 5 systems. Then do the same thing back down the chain.

    When I got to 15 missions I flew to Nouteras Ashata's (an agent) system and took a 16th distribution mission there. Then Nouteras Ashata would give me a Caldari Navy storyline mission and I'd make a big jump in CN standings.

    I found the distribution missions to be not too onerous - a little bookkeeping was required while watching tv or reading a book or doing something with a different Eve character on a different screen. No real attention necessary. And one trip up and back down the Ono chain gave me most (if not all) of the 15 missions needed before heading over to the storyline agent.