Friday, 21 March 2014

EVE Online Industry Evolves

He may have a funny name, one that I cannot pronounce despite many attempts, but CCP Ytterbium has released a devblog that can only be categorised as a live hand grenade, sitting on top of a pile of TNT.
I certainly did smile after reading the devblog
This is an absolutely excellent development and shows that industry is getting the love it deserves finally. Features such as these take a lot of research and trial and error and obviously this has been under wraps for good reason.
But it's been released, subject to further balance changes, but what I've read and understood is going to be fantastic for the industrialist EVE player.

100% Reprocessing

I've always found it hard to believe that it was possible to get "perfect reprocessing", that is extracting all of the parts of an item that were put in without any waste. Don't get me wrong, I've profited from this mechanic and I will miss the advantage this gave me but I'm a realist and I'll no longer be able to get 100% reprocessing will change the way I do some of my activities.
I've mentioned I hate PvE'ing, I still do but one of the benefits of it has been the salvage I get from each mission. I run an alt with my PvE character who just salvages all the wrecks, the salvage I use to make rigs but the T1 and meta modules dropped I save and reprocess back at my main station and from this I get a good proportion of my minerals I use in production.


I have one character that has Scrap Metal Processing trained and it took a lot of time to train him into that skill. With the changes to skills (reducing/improving some bonuses and pre-requisites) this gives budding industrialists a progression that doesn't end after a couple of skills (as it is now).
The skill changes may even see a decrease in the number of part-time industrialists (who use industry as a secondary income), perhaps pushing people to trading or missioning instead. We may also see the death or further reduction of "salvaging mission runners" as yields (and in turn profit margins)make this unviable.

Increased Yield

I do like that whilst CCP are taking away something they are giving back by increasing the base yields of all ores and ice by ~38%. It may not sound a lot but that 350 helium you get from Clear Icicle
now turns out to be 415 helium, meaning a bit more ISK per block or less ice you need to mine to keep your Tower running.

Refining Array No More

I lived in a Wormhole for a considerable time, I mined in the wormhole and this was well before I was able to fly/use a Rorqual so I had to use the Refining Arrays to turn my ore into minerals inside a Tower. I cannot explain what a waste of time it was, the small capacity with the low yield and long processing times (literarily hours for a large array) meant it was a frustrating exercise.
Had I had a Rorqual I'd have compressed my ore and moved out to high sec but I didn't have this luxury. Seeing the changes proposed to the Medium Intensive Array, making it able to compress ores means we don't need that Rorqual in the WH attracting the sharks.

User Interface

The teaser in the devblog of a new UI for reprocessing was a nice carrot. But I'm trying not to get excited or swoon over what we've seen (as it may change) but the basics are there, the easy to understand details along with a less click intensive system are all positive changes.
When it appears on SiSi will be the time I'll come back and give my thoughts on it.


The changes are effectively going to halve reprocessing of ships and modules so the question I'm still pondering is how the changes will this effect the EVE Economy. Will we see price increases or decreases, what will happen to supplies of minerals and other items typically received from reprocessing.
I see supply decreasing somewhat, perhaps enough to force a price increase initially but people will sell their stockpiles for higher prices and the market will be flooded with minerals which will cause the price to drop back to, at least, the original level


It's a often used word in software development but this aptly describes what CCP are doing, they are making changes to Industry in small amounts. Soliciting feedback, reviewing and then changing as needed.
This is what we need, we don't need two large Size 15 feet changes, we need small, balanced and focused changes to such an important area of the game.
The northern hemisphere Summer is starting to look very interesting this year...

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