Monday, 10 March 2014

Looking for a HERO

Actually I'm not, personally I'd like them to be further away but so far I'm only having to deal with a single cloaky AFK camper and a couple of TEST pilots who are trying to siphon my reactions.
Could be a lot worse but I'm not focusing on the negative I'm quite the opposite and happy at the moment as I got word of the HERO deployment system about 24 hours before it was public knowledge and managed to get three full JF's of modules and other stuff into station (which is not a friendly one for jump capable ships)


I've now sold out of modules in less than four days and am around 2 billion ISK better off. I put most items for sale in the 10% to 30% over Jita profit category but a lot of T1 modules I put at local prices which put most under Jita but having over three hundred Experimental Micro Warp Drive I's meant I was making money even with a very low resale cost.
Sounds odd but my tracking spreadsheet shows me making an overall profit of 9% on this one item and an average profit (over all items I sold) of 17%.

Not Again

Unfortunately I won't be restocking as competition is no doubt going to be fierce and I've already been reading that profits have dropped and profiteers are taking over. Well that's not the only reason, the other reason is I don't want to lose a JF in such a heavily populated system where everyone wants to shoot the next ship that appears.

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