Thursday, 7 April 2016

Nearing the End of the Tether

I still can't play EVE Online for more than a couple of minutes and it's not by choice. Whenever I login, even a single character, I get disconnected at random with "Socket was Closed". It's a little better than it was but I can't do anything aside the basics such as checking hangers, jump cloning or just spinning ships at the moment.
I have been able to keep towers up to date and functioning but its been more luck than anything. I had to update towers Sunday but I disconnected mid-warp to my first tower and then again after landing at the second tower.
There is no pattern I can discern but I've now escalated the issue to my ISP to see if there is something they can see/fix. Unfortunately where I used to proclaim how good their support was I now find myself on hold for an hour at a time to just speak to someone...
Still, speak to ISP then raise ticket with CCP.
If I can't get any traction on this by next Friday I'm going to terminate my accounts. I can't keep paying for a game I can't play.


  1. But... you don't pay...?

  2. A technicality... I earn my PLEX that I make thought in-game actions.

    Something I can't do at the moment :(