Monday, 11 April 2016


Socket Issues

Seems my socket closure issue is still a mystery but I have made some progress. My ISP completed and investigation, and even "refreshed" my connection at the exchange (whatever that means) and as a result I managed to get some good play time over the weekend.
CCP haven't even acknowledged my support ticket and I don't expect that for a few more days :\
I did late Sunday night get issues but I noticed these occurred when I was doing other internet stuff (web browsing, YouTube video watching) and it may be that this points to a possible packet loss issue.


I moved 26 billion in products from null sec to high sec over the weekend via a combination of Jump Freighters and Deep Space Transports. A convenient WH made the trip a little safer but I was still on high alert around Niarja/Uedama areas. I was lucky there wasn't much on but still, I did see a few suspicious ships that could have been scanning me.
I was in the middle of moving input materials back to null sec when I received a late request to take a 210,000m3 courier. Fortunately he asked nicely so I back tracked and was able to accommodate the request. It was a good thing too as he reminded me that I'd missed a stack of skill books I needed to bring in.


Undock, Get Free Skill Points

Fellow blogger EVE Hermit posted a couple of days ago something I found interesting. CCP have announced, after the release of Citadels, that Daily Bonus will be introduced. The bonus will be 10,000 free SP for the first NPC kill a character (NOT account, but character) makes every 22 hours.
EVE Hermit comments well on this and I find myself agreeing with him, it's a good idea. Get people out of stations and ship spinning and give them a reason to undock. At least undocked "something else might happen" to entertain you.
I'm not sure of the SP reward though, with Skill Injectors only just released and having a big impact on characters free SP for doing very little (potentially 300,000 SP per month) per character) seems more trouble than it could be worth.
Time will tell but it's a good idea. I know a few of my characters who will be undocking every day for this, one hasn't undocked in three years, four months and 17 days (as of right now) :)

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