Thursday, 14 April 2016

7 Days

My support petition for help with "the socket was closed" has been open for 7 days and has not been acknowledged or answered by CCP.
24 hours left before I have to choose to renew or cancel my subscriptions.
Really I don't think I'll have any impact if I do close them but I'm really disappointed in the lack of communication.
My day job is working as a Help Desk Officer and it's a point of pride that I will triage or acknowledge any tickets I get within 24 hours at the latest. , yet here I am 7 days later and still in limbo. It's enough to make one sad.


  1. It is tough. I also had a minor (standings/cosmos mission) issue petition in a month or so ago. Took 3 full weeks before I got a response.

    In their defence the contact person from CCP did apologise for the delay - gave me 7 days' credit on the account, and sorted out the problem.

    It appears that CCP are swamped as far as support tickets go. Also for minor issues like mine I can understand that it may not be a priority.

    Other cases? Would be nice to at least get an acknowledgement/we are working on it statement.

    Hang in there!

  2. You're not the only one with this issue. Its been plaguing me on and off for the last week or so too. Also a good number of dc's during fleets but I never asked if they were having the same trouble. I get where you're coming from though. Its a genuine pain in the ass. Very easy to lose ships or piss people off needing constant reinvites to fleets. Let alone getting left behind deep in hostile Null.

    Maybe its the new hardware or server site, but I really hope they get this one fixed. Post an update if you stick it out and get a reply?