Monday, 18 April 2016

In Between

My jump freighter pilots are currently, stuck, in a mid-point system as one has had their account expire and the other I can't be bothered to login as he can't do anything anyway.
Sound bitter do I. Not really, I'm fine. It's not like you have to login to play EVE Online anyway is it.

Wanted: One working socket for my Kingdom!

I signed up to Discord last week at the urging of my CEO and, as he said, they've been able to speak to me more in a week of that than the past 6 months in-game. Whilst I appreciate Discord and actually am liking it I'm still unable to do much of anything within EVE Online.
I tried to jump out two JF's of material on Sunday and managed to get to my first mid-point before my second mid-point cyno character kept closing as he was logging in. The only way I was able to get him to the character selection screen was to close all other clients..
Yay I was able to login. Well no, I need the others logged in too in order to do things except as soon as you login another character the "dice of fate are rolled" and you either lose one at a time or all your characters that are logged in.
Back to the start I go, do not collect 200 ISK.
I gave up in the end and just quit EVE whilst swearing loudly enough my youngest son came and told me to stop saying naughty words. At which point I loaded World of Warships, an online game that I have no issues with connecting to or playing, and spending an enjoyable 40 minutes pummeling enemy ships in my North Carolina.
Got my first Citadel on the notoriously-hard-to-citadel Tirpitz at 17km. At the end of my 40 minutes I found I had enough XP (thanks to a 3x XP bonus for first win of the day per ship) to unlock the Tier 9 Iowa class battleship which made me very, very happy.

Reaching Out

I got frustrated on Thursday or Friday (I can't remember) enough that I decided to do something that I normally would stop myself doing but I needed to do something seeing as CCP Support weren't exactly talkative to me.
So I sent CCP Falcon a message on Reddit enquiring how to escalate a support ticket as I hadn't had a response in 7 days and I really needed some help.
Kudos to the Gentleman, he responded and whilst he didn't commit to help or promise anything his quick response was enough that I'm not longer stressing about this. I'm annoyed and want it fixed, yes. But I'm no longer stressing about it or letting it bother me.
It's out of my control and, after CCP Falcon said so, that Support are dealing with some major issues at the moment that are taking up their time I'm content to sit back and let things take their course. I'm still updating the ticket every couple of days with research I've done and on Friday I spent some time getting to see how Logging worked in the EVE client.
Was that a mistake that was. I eventually got to bed around 3am after staring at so many log entries that I swear I was dreaming about get-resource calls in my sleep :)
That said, I was able to replicate the disconnections whilst running in Logging mode and I uploaded 6MB of log data to my ticket for someone (hopefully) to check out.

Ending with a Laugh

NosyGamer posted a funny this morning. He's off to Iceland for Fanfest but before he left he visited r/eve on Reddit. Oh boy what a mistake, as he so well puts it:
The EVE Online sub-reddit is capable of sucking the enjoyment of EVE out of a person faster than an officer-fit Bhaalgorn can drain the capacitor from an Atron.

It does occasionally provide entertainment or decent information but it is a horrible place full of trolls, idiots and even more trolls. Since they started the Propaganda tagging with the World War Bee stuff I've avoided the place and I think my IQ went up by at least a few points :)

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