Thursday, 31 March 2016

Sockets, Sockets, Sockets

Socket was Closed

I've been getting seriously pissed off with EVE Online the past fortnight and all thanks to one of the most annoying error messages I've ever seen.
Socket was closed.
That's the message. It would appear seemingly at random when I was trying to login or doing things in EVE Online. So much has this appeared that I could not do anything but the most basic operations.
I wasn't even able to run my normal scheduled JF'ing in and out of null sec. Courier contracts came very close to expiring because I could not login more than one or two characters at a time without:
Socket was closed.
I persevered and eventually I've been able to get done what I needed, some contracts came close to expiring though. And moving through high sec in a freighter was so painful that for three days I didn't even login to EVE.


Other games I've had zero problems with. World of Warships has worked without issue, so has Steam and about five or ten other heavy bandwidth using applications.
Honestly no idea what the problem has been. It's never been the same character doing the same actions so I really can't reproduce the issue, I just know it happens when the dialog box appears.
I've had people suggest corrupt installation or asset downloads to others saying its a ping/route/ISP issue. I've done a fair bit of diagnostics and spoken to both my ISP and several experienced network engineers friends to no avail.
I have reinstalled, twice, and cleared cache and temp files. I've setup network monitoring and even swapped my ADSL router out for another brand (I keep spares so it didn't cost me anything but time). My ISP reported no problems, and I even pushed for Level 2/3 assistance which they allowed me to speak to, no blocks or throttling of traffic found to any of EVE Online servers.
I'm at a loss to cause, things have settled down a little but I'm still expecting to get the error message appear whenever I login.


  1. F'in goddamn socket!!! It's not you, it's Eve. A lot of people are experiencing this issue lately. The client is more unstable, buggy and laggy now than at any time in my 11 years of playing this game. The server lag has improved a lot though. Back in 05-06 you often had to wait 2-5 minutes to jump through HS gates in Caldari space.

  2. I use to experiance this heavily when i was living outstation as a college student. In the city we have fibre optic cables which were way faster than my hometown broadband. But i kept having the socket closing error even on the faster fibre cable eventually i stop playing eve altogether. Thankfully i hae shifted back to my hometown and have not experiance it since. However the fibre optic cables are now coming to my area and i am thinking of upgtading it.