Thursday, 24 March 2016

But I don't want to... *throws arms in air*

One of the most annoying interruptions to my real life is about to hit. Today I'm heading off, for only two days fortunately, to my in-laws for Easter. I'm not a religious person but they are and my wife "pretends" to be somewhat like them when we're at their house. It's a pain in the arse especially as I'd like a steak tonight for dinner but i'll only get Fish or Chicken.


Still, I've got my iPad loaded with drafts of posts I'm working on and I'll be able to do something of use at least during this trip. Of course, should I be seen using the iPad there will be "stern faces" and "comments" but I'm used to that.

I really wish I could spend some more time playing with the Carrier changes on SiSi. RocketX did an excellent video on the changes that Trinkets Friend has posted, go watch that if you haven't and you'll see why I'm wishing I could stay home and continue playing with that.

Have a good weekend all, enjoy as much chocolate as you can and try not to throw up on the keyboard :)

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