Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Rorqual News Sighted!

I was reading the CSMX Summit Two minutes and on Page 20, the Capital Ship changes, the following paragraph appeared:

What is this sorcery, is CCP acknowledging there is a capital ship called the Rorqual! I do believe they are. Huzzah!

Drone Miners eh, well that fits with what people have been guessing is coming. People have wanted large mining drones/fighters for the Rorqual since it came out. Be interesting to see this.

An invulnerability button too, that locks a fleet in place, prevents them taking damage until help arrives. Interesting, I wonder if it could apply to only mining vessels or if combat ships would be protected too. Would be a great way of trapping an attacking fleet with a small bait one and then dropping a larger one on them.

Ah, the possibilities.

I'm most happy the Rorqual was mentioned with positive information. Last years minutes were lacking information but at least this year we get a paragraph. Perhaps next year we'll get two!

I like my Rorqual, and the other six I own. No I don't use them all for mining, I bought the others at various excellent prices over the past year. I'm holding onto them in a couple of locations ready for sale on contract when they get good again.


  1. For Null Sec at least, deploying a Rorqual in a belt with a crew of Skiffs and a Cyno fitted could make for some fun times if a BLOPS gang comes calling.

  2. This was mentioned back at EVE down under. It's reinforce timer will hold all ORE and industrial faction ships (barge, exhumer, haulera, noctis etc) in its boost range on grid for 5 minutes. Boost range is its AOE link bubble for who is inside of it.