Wednesday, 14 January 2015

[ShipType], [ShipType] Combat Recons Everywhere!

Please feel free to substitute your preferred Combat Recon in place of [ShipType].

Trinkets Friend, he of Dick Virus and Localectomy blog fame, posted about the changes to Combat Recons coming in the next EVE online expansion Proteus. It's well worth the read and implies that Combat Recon's will become a very common ship in wormhole space due to their d-scan invisibility.

I've been watching the thread in the Features & Ideas forum with interest and despite a lot of complains the changes to d-scan made it into the final release. 

The timing could not be any better for my wormhole alt (who, I should point out, recently joined Trinkets Friend's corp) as he finished Medium Blaster Turret V over the weekend and is currently working on the specialisation skill to IV before getting Recon Ships V.

I've already bought a couple of Lachesis's in Jita that I have fit for wormhole operation and I'm especially happy at the migration of one of the high slots to a low slot as I can find a much better use for a low slot than a non-turret high slot.

I'll be doing a post in a few days on my Lachesis fit, its still evolving and I'm yet to get feedback from a couple of fitting gurus whom I want to so I can finally resolve the issue of dual or triple LSE's in the mids.

But regardless, I'm looking forward to operating Combat Recons in wormhole space and finally getting kills...

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