Thursday, 8 January 2015

Less Engaged

I was reading my usual daily list and a post by the EVE Hermit got me thinking about the change to the skill queues in Rhea. Previously you could have only 24 hours of skills queued at anyone time, longer skills would occupy the space but you could not add new skills until there was less than 24 hours left on the currently training skill.

This change was universally praised and one that players have requested frequently. Personally I've loved the ability to queue months of training and not have to worry about times when I'm away or holidays causing my skill queue to go empty.

If I Didn't See It

Overall I think the longer skill queue is a positive change – but it might have made us a little less engaged with our characters. - EVE Hermit 
I fully agree.

I used to monitor EVE Mon a few times throughout my working day so I knew how long it would take me to complete a skill, waiting for it to dip under 24 hours of training remaining so I could add the next skill. 

Now that I've got skills queued (based on each individual skill plan I've developed) unless they have 50 skills queued I don't do anything.

My 'PvP alt' finished Gallente Dreadnought V last weekend. This is a skill that I should have been celebrating completion of but instead I didn't notice until Monday, over 18 hours after it finished, when I saw the EVE Mon notification.

My 'main' had over 120 days of Drone training and I've watched a lot of that tick down and complete in EVE Mon but I haven't got as excited as I used to be about completing Level V skills. I haven't been logged in when they complete or have I needed to update my skills.

The only exception has been the tweaking of the skill queue on my 'wormhole alt' almost daily, adding or removing a skill because I missed or no longer need it. Aside from that I don't think any of my characters have had their skill queues opened since Rhea was released.

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  1. Completely agree, previously each skill completed was a small milestone. Now I am not even aware what the last 20 skills were that I completed.