Monday, 19 January 2015

A Reader Writes

I occasionally get people who know I write this blog send me messages in-game and others are kind enough to post comments on what I write. I had a massive shock yesterday when I received an evemail from someone whom I've never heard from before AND they provided feedback.


An actual REAL human being sent me an evemail about my blog and provided both constructive and useful feedback. This was proof that I had real reader who was NOT a bot or a friend pretending to read my writing,

I was so shocked that I had to go have a lie down and that turned into a rather nice nap and well, there went my working day so I went home and played EVE Online. It was a good Thursday overall.

Cynos Suck

The feedback from a fine gentlemen named Edward Olmops focused on my recent complaint about Cynos:
You actually CAN use a cyno when you join a fleet and the cyno is already active. The cyno pilot has to right-click the cyno field and choose "broadcast" or "advertise" or something the like. The cyno will then show up in the broadcast history and anyone in the fleet can right-click the entry in the broadcast history and jump (ensure broadcast settings are correct).
It took me a moment to consider this but in theory this is correct and next time I do a run to high sec I will be giving this a try. It works because by broadcasting the cyno it will make it actionable (because its saved in the fleet window) by anyone in or who joins the fleet subsequently.

He finished with this comment
Typically EVE-like, unintuitive, complicated and mostly unknown feature...
Well said Edward, well said. It is all that you said and as a result unknown to the masses when really it should be something known outside of the few. Thanks for the comment and helping to publicise this unknown feature.

An alternative to the Jump Freighter

Edward finished his mail with a very interesting idea and one that he uses. Since the Rhea nerf to JF range he's started using Deep Space Transports to move cargo via wormholes where he lives. He said that with a little scanning (between 5 to 10 systems to find a HS link) a connection can be found and then using DST's to move goods between his location and the connected high sec.

Of course you are vulnerable to interception using the WH route but it is fairly safe and even a small escort would be enough to put off the opportunist attacker. As Edward goes on to say about using WH's:
No range limit, no cyno chars needed. Living in Stain now for 3 months, we disavowed using JFs and logistics have never been easier (not even when living in Curse and it was just 1 jump).
This is certainly something to consider and I will look into this more as I'm aware of three WH's in the past week that linked my home system to somewhere else (I never checked them) so its obvious that we do get them.

Most of the time I jump out fully loaded (~350,000m3) so using DST will be a bit of work but there are times when I need to move smaller amounts that would fit in a DST so this is something I shall now have to consider and it would be much cheaper.

Thanks Edward Olmops for the feedback and for reading. 

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