Monday, 12 January 2015

Cyno Things

I'm a regular user of cynosural fields to move ships and goods from high sec to low sec and vice versa. Cyno's are a pain sometimes and, since Rhea, the extended nature of the chain I need to use makes things very frustrating when I only have so many accounts.

Ready to Jump

One of my biggest annoyances is that if you join a fleet, that has an active cyno, you cannot use it..The Jump To menu remains empty of the cyno that you want to use.

I had this last night, if I'd been able to join a fleet that had an active cyno and use it I would have saved so much time instead I had to wait for my cyno's to finish each time and then I could light a new one for the newly joined fleet character.

What should have taken 20 minutes, maximum, ended up taking me just over an hour to move several capital ships and cargo 14 light years.

It Must Be Stacked

If you have a cyno-alt you should have encountered, at least once, the issue where your Liquid Ozone must be stacked as one. You cannot have the fuel in two or more stacks in the cargo bay. If you do then you are told that there is not enough fuel to light the cyno even though the required amount is present.

This catches me out quite often and I'm starting to load fuel into my cyno ships and using Stack All before I undock.

It's a small thing but its bloody frustrating.

And Another Thing

And fuck you to those low sec pilots who love to shoot unarmed and harmless cyno characters. Keep padding your killboards guys because your killboard statistics are vitally important to feel good due to your small penises.


  1. If you broadcast the cyno you can jump with a character that joined fleet after the cyno was put up i believe.

  2. "Cyno'syndrome" ~ it's a sickness, I can't help myself... stop enabling!