Tuesday, 22 October 2013

The One where the author PvP's

It happens, occasionally, that I will PvP.

I'll be Arazu'ing you

I did PvP over the weekend with mixed results, I took my Arazu out for a spin and helped kill a Dominix fleet and then lost it to a pair of Deimos' that were hanging about. My fleet did get both Deimos' but alas a dual rep fit Deimos and no logi meant I died just before they did.
Free Hugs for all!
Usually I'd get in a huff and log off but I did not, I took the loss at what it was and moved on. I was actually quite happy whom I lost the ship too, Gerden BloodELF is a player I've known informally from my time in Providence and this was the second encounter I'd had in PvP with him.
The first time was my Zealot vs. his Rupture and I won that, in fact from memory that was my first solo PvP kill. This time he was back in something a little more advanced and my Arazu did not survive, fortunately the loot fairy did not favour him and my faction scram did not drop.
The Dominix kills were amusing, four or five had coming into system to help clear the way for some friends who were stuck. They managed to get them out but unfortunately the Dominix pilots had kill rights on them and when they jumped back into high sec I used this to be able to get point on one of the pilots.
I don't actually remember being shot at but I was neuted heavily, I never lost point but as I had no dps I had to rely on my fleet coming through and using kill rights too. Which they did and it was very gratifying to watch the Dominix's die on a high sec gate with CONCORD no where to be seen.. actually that isn't true.
CONCORD did appear a minute or two after the battle started, it seems some over enthusiastic members of a second defence fleet jumped into high sec and opened fire, albeit without kill rights. Oh how we laughed in my fleet, it was even funnier because of who it was that died, yet again proving that that particular alliance has only a single brain cell and it was not being used at that time!

The other Logistics

Losing the Arazu was annoying, I should have done a better job so I switched to Logistics for the next battle the next day. I'd logged in to see people requesting ships for a fleet and they were asking for Logistics.
Cue Sharpe, my Scimitar, I undock and login to TeamSpeak so I can hear what's going on. Turns out there is a gang SBU'ing a system and we were going to try and engage them.
A shield fleets best friend
That WAS the plan at least but it was clear from comms and various chats that the red fleet had a spy in our fleet who was relying everything in TeamSpeak to them. We did a few jumps around the area utilising jump bridges and it was difficult to get a warp in on the reds and after about 10 minutes the reds left via low sec to reship to take on our 'kitchen sink' fleet.
When they did return they bought significant reinforcements, we numbered about 30 and they came back with nearly double our number. It seems NC. reinforced them and as someone said "it once more proves that EMP (The Initiative) cannot do things on their own".
Nothing happened, some posturing was going on but no engagement happened instead it was decided to merge an Apocalypse Now fleet with our fleet as that would give us about even numbers. A good idea but unfortunately it meant using Mumble and not TeamSpeak and that's where I gave up, I cannot use that program and in order for us to use it we need to authenticate again a particular groups server and I will not do that as I have 'issues' with the group in question.

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