Thursday, 24 October 2013

Skill Plan Approved

Capital Energy Turret V did complete and I've now added Controlled Bursts to the skill queue as I've made a decision where skills need to go, at least for the next 60 days.

Skill Training Times
Fortunately I'm spending most of my time in a clone with +5 implants in the Perception/Willpower slots so I'll be earning the maximum 2700 SP/hour for my training. As a result I've decided, as I'm pretty decently skilled in spaceship command already I'll concentrate on getting my gunnery skills to V and any specialisations to IV.
Starting with the support skills (Controlled Bursts, Sharpshooter, Surgical Strike and Trajectory Analysis) to V will take just over 42 days. Then I'll switch to getting all Small Guns then Medium and finally Large. I think in this incarnation of the skill plan I'll avoid further Capital Turret training but I will try to get Tactical Weapon Reconfiguration V so I can use the Tech 2 Siege Module.
So I have a plan, 42 days on this and then I may change things but with a Per/Will attribute setup it's either gunnery, missiles or spaceship

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