Wednesday, 23 October 2013

My Reading List

I have read EVE Online blogs since I started in the game and I did it as an extra way of learning how to play and I've since moved on and get a lot of extra backstory or find out interesting things by reading blogs.
The following blogs, in no particular order, are not the only EVE Online blogs that I read but these are the ones I check daily and I recommend that you do too:
One of the top EVE Online blogs, Ripard Teg covers a lot of topics in and out of the game. His guides and fitting posts are must-reads for anyone wanting to know how to fit a ship or details of anything from implants to how to incursions.
He might be a robot, he certainly seems to post as if he was one.
A great market and industry blog. Topics cover both the market and industry and MM shares both strategy and details of how they earn ISK. There is also very good analysis on market actions and reactions, I've learnt more about the market in 3 months reading this blog than I did playing for two and a half years.
My trading alt was setup after reading details of MM and the alts he uses in the various trading hubs.
MM linked this blog and I follow it because it's another well written market focused blog. Much like MM the author details experiences in-game as well as strategy and results.
Titled "An EVE Online Tool Development Blog" the author really does cover out of game development of tools and utilities to help make decisions in-game related to industry and markets. I find the posts to be that perfect combination of detail and narrative, his recent posts on writing an application to perform statistical analysis from zKillboard is both informative and fascinating.
Another industry related blog although in this case it's not overly hardcore compared to others I read but the author covers topics that others rarely do such as PI or low sec based resource acquisition (i.e. mining in low sec). He appears to be based (at least partly) in WH space so you get a good mix of WH posts with low and high sec ones.
He's recently started gas cloud mining in null/low sec for materials that can be used in drug manufacture. It has been quite eye opening reading about this and I wish he'd provide a lot more information as this is something I'd love to do.
A new addition to my reading and this is a blog that covers not just EVE Online but DUST 514 and other non-CCP games. Posts related to EVE Online are usually concise and really get the ol' brain working because they can make you think.
I should really thank Serpentine for some of per out of game (OOG) EVE tool links that have helped me with my moon mining and industry management.
I've mentioned Jac in my previous post but ignoring his recent *accident* his blog is well written and has moved from a null sec view to a low sec one.
I really hope Capital Storm can last longer than their new Alliance CEO's prediction of 4 weeks.
Unforgiving Storm has another industry focused blog with lots of statistics and other "nerd-p0rn" for EVE. Not surprising as they say this in their bio: "I'm a nerd that loves Industry and spreadsheets.". I particularly like the Industry Backlog they have, it nicely catalogues all the little annoyances in game that industry people would like to see fixed.
The very first industry blog I started reading, unfortunately due to real life events it isn't updated as often as it was but regardless posts from Lorna are well written and, like Serpentine's EVE, they can make you think.
I've had a few conversations in-game with Lorna about various industry topics and ideas and have been frequently amazed by the amount that they know about EVE industry and in-game mechanics.
A new blog on my reading list but one that combines interesting with good writing. In game examples and stories of adventures as an industrialist are worth reading.
One of the best industry related EVE blogs, would be #1 but I think Prosper is giving Blake a run for his money now. That said K162space is a wealth of market information and general knowledge about the EVE market that makes it essential reading.

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