Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Logistics work seems to never finish

I'm still maintaining towers and moving inputs/outputs around null sec and high sec.
I usually do this every other night but aside from emptying specific silos I have left most things running for nearly two weeks with minimal maintenance. That all ended Tuesday night when I spent 5 billion in Jita on inputs for (roughly) five weeks and some additional fuel now that my local provider in null sec has shut up operations.
Not that type of Logistics
I used Red Frog Freight to move all the purchased items to the correct stations and then used a Providence to shift them into the right system for use. I could have used a Impel but with 600,000m3 to move it would have taken between 17 and 20 six jump trips.
Yeah, that wasn't going to happen so I selected a quiet time and thanks to a Corp mate we did the work. I even managed to help him by bringing in extra fuel for his towers as a thank you and on the return trip I managed to move nearly 3billion ISK worth of output materials to high sec for sale.
I still have one more system to update and that means using the Jump Freighter to move inputs in and remove the outputs I have. This is a little tricky as I have multiple cyno jumps to make but it should easily be completed in half an hour.
Then I can retire to the sun room out back (it's spring here and the sun is quite lovely in the early evenings) and read some more Peter F. Hamilton.

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