Wednesday, 2 October 2013


EVE can be glamorous, you can be semi-famous for your exploits in game but then there are the chores. Those things that you do on a daily or semi-daily basis in order to continue your ISK making activities.

These chores can be a multitude of things but for me it means buying and then moving several billion ISK's worth of materials from Jita to a staging system and then repacking them into convenient Jump Freighter sized packages.
Since I started doing tower reactions it has been my aim to make sure I never have less than 14 days fuel and always have 5 weeks worth of input materials on hand in the systems. This has worked well for me, it means I'm buying materials every four weeks (roughly) and I always have a slack or buffer should I run into any issues moving reactions out/inputs in.
The chore with this is not the reactions themselves but the moving of materials from Jita to my tower systems and then remembering which days to refresh the input materials and empty the silos of output. Not to mention remembering to keep each tower fuelled, this means buying more materials to make the fuel blocks and making sure they are ready before the notifications occur that piss off your corp mates :)
I'm also doing missions at the moment, I find those to be more of a chore than the reaction tower maintenance. I really hate missions, they are so linear and boring, sorry that should be Boring with a capital B but discussion on the current state of missions if for another post, that'll be a LONG post too.
So raise a glass to chores, they may not be glamourous but they pay the bills and allow us to keep doing what we enjoy.

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