Monday, 29 November 2010

Skill Training Changes

An email and blog post last week from CCP certainly has generated a lot of user comment, I agree that the logic of training skills specifically to increase the speed at which skills are learnt is very confusing.

I've setup a few characters and one of the things I learnt early on was that the learning skills really needed to be trained to Level 4, unlocking the advanced skills which then needed to be trained to Level 4 too. Training all the learning skills to level 4 easily accounts for a quarter if not closer to 50% of the 1.6 million SP that new players had where training was running with a 100% bonus.

The changes (main bulletpoints) that have been made remove the Learning skills, reimburse (for reallocation) all Learning SP's, additional 12 base points to each attributes, and the removal of the new player 100% bonus to training (up to 1.6million SP's).

The general concencus on the EVE Forums and speaking to people I know in game is that this is a postive change and the reimbursed SP's are something that will be very useful to most players. I know a couple of characters of my friends have over a million Learning SP's and they are already spending time in EVE Mon trying to work out what to add them too.

Personally, my three in-game characters have about 320k, 380k and 800k to redistrubute.

My primary account, won't get much out out of it but I plan on using the 380k I have towards either Cybernetics V or Mining Director V.

My newest account is on a fast track to a Hulk and this change will be nothing but good for him and I think his 320k of points will be used against Mining Barge V when he's ready to train that (just finished Astrogeology V).

My middle account has the largest SP to redistrubute and of course as lady luck has it he's now completed all Hulk training and so has nothing that needs it here. So I'm still looking at what to use the points for, I'm tempted by two directions:
  • second Orca pilot
  • second Providence pilot
Both would be useful so I'm undecided at this time in which to do but regardless the changes coming on the 14th December 2010 are a nice Christmas bonus.

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