Thursday, 25 November 2010

Quiet Time

Things are quiet at the moment here at ZGG, last night I logged on intending to help mine an Omber field that a Corp member had found in Leva. This was unfortunately a no-go as the field had disappeared with the last downtime, a search of surrounding systems with probes yielded no alternatives so the fleet disbanded.

I actually logged off early and spent time with the ol' ball and chain and had quite a nice evening, although I logged in again just before bed to rearrange some skills in my queue as during my "downtime" I decided a little change to my skill plan was needed.

ZGG is doing well considering we're in our infancy, we have a little cash available should we needed it but we're also setup well to both mine and refine effeciently. We have two hulks, two retrievers available and an Orca available for fleet ops and I'm working an Alt chracter into a position where he can fly both a Hulk and an Bestower/Impel to do transportation duties instead of having to dock the Orca when full.

We're also planning the way forward for ZGG and all members are interested in some Low Sec/Null Sec visits/mining as well as getting a POS for making Tech 2 items for sale. Seems the industrualist bug has bitten not just me in ZGG.

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