Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Relocation and a new beginning

I'm high sec based and recently moved to Andrub in order to do mining in a seemingly quiet system, however leaving my current Corporation and setting up Zero Gravity Geology means that the chance for a new relocation was ripe.

I was going to remain in Andrub but a eve mail from a friend suggested we move to another system with the following reasons:
  • 2 jumps from an (Amarr) ice field
  • 0.6 space
  • close to Amarr Civil Service
  • close to Amarr
  • dead end system
  • lots of belts
  • lots of salvage
After reviewing these I saw no holes in the recommendation and packed everything into the Providence and moved to our new home.

Setting up the Corporation once we arrived was very easy, the slowest bit was resigning from my previous Corporation, rented an office and done. Applications were received from my alts and from my friend and pretty soon we were mining as if nothing had changed.

As an aside my friend had a very funny encountered with another corp whilst he was mining, the Corp he quit was a pirate one and he had been hunting another Corp's players and they happened to discover him mining whilst the War Dec was still active. Apparently the local chat was alive with discussion as to why they couldn't kill him even though the War Dec was active, I've yet to read the local transcript but the story relayed to me was very funny.

We've had another friend join us and whilst we're a pretty new corp we are already planning long term strategies for us. We'd like to get into running a POS with the eventual aim of running a Tech 2 production facility. Lofty plans but we're getting there, at the moment we're getting our refining skills updated and making sure that we can get the best yield when we run mining ops.

So it's been a busy weekend but enjoyable with the birth of Zero Gravity Geology in New Eden.

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