Thursday, 25 November 2010

Luck of the ... Polish?

ZGG are on good terms with the only station in Dantan and the result is a slightly lower (and getting lower) tax rate when refining ores. As a result of this I'm in and out of Dantan most nights and Tuesday night was quite profitable, as well as amusing, in I managed to bag some nice loot from a couple of battles outside of the station.

I was speaking to a friend on Teamspeak and he was giving an account of a pvp kill he'd just got in Dantan (he's a pirate, he likes can-flipping), so I undocked in my salvaging Coercer with the intention of doing a run of the fields and salvaging what I could.

Exiting the station I was immediately met by two wrecks, one of which was abandoned and had some loot. I started salvaging whilst checking out the wreck. I was very happy to see some decent loot, four 625mm Artillery pieces, 18 Tech 1 drones of various types, Tech 1 (but higher meta) armour and a few other bits and pieces. I grabbed what I could, which turned out to be everything in the wreck and sped off for more looting.

Returning to the station a little while later I saw Concord was all around the entrance, had I missed a fight? Turns out I had, before I left the station there had been a group of players from Unseen University who all appear to be Polish. My friend had killed one and one of the players firing on my friend did not have kill rights and as such Concord turned up and relieved him of his Myrmidon Battlecruiser.

Turns out the Myrmidon was a good fit and the loot it dropped was worth a few million ISK and I had the Luck of the Polish that night in grabbing it before anyone else.

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