Thursday, 18 November 2010

Getting started

I joined up to play EVE thanks to a good friend who gifted it to me when Tyrannis was on special on Steam, I must say I played thinking I wasn't going to be playing long especially as it costs real money to remain playing.

Four months later I'm still here and loving the game, whereas I read a lot in the EVE Online forums about people who have been playing far longer than me and hate the game for it's faults I'm loving it for what I can do.

I started playing and immediately started training towards a career as a miner/industrialist because that appealed to me, yes fighting in spaceships *IS* interesting but not something I wanted to do every time I played.

I'll write some more in the near future about the adventures I've had and things I've learnt but I'll leave you with the following screenshot of a mining operation I'm heading at the moment, it's small fry compared to some Corporations but this is a sight I can't get enough of and really shows off the games graphics and the sense of awe I get whenever I play.

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