Thursday, 24 April 2014

Status Report

Twiddling Thumbs/Turning Wheels

I haven't posted for just over a week and it wasn't intentional. I like to queue posts and have them automatically deployed but over the past week I've been hit by that horrible "writers block" as I could not write anything that I deemed worthy. 

As a result I've been turning my wheels or twiddling my thumbs, whichever makes more sense to you :)

Several posts were written and then torn apart because I thought it was less-than-stellar but I was finally able to write something about the new Industry dev-blogs, although I think more posts are to come on that subject.

CSM Elections

The CSM election is coming along and I have voted so it'll be interesting to see who gets in as new CSM has a lot to measure to considering CSM 8's effectiveness.

Null Sec Industry

My run into null sec industry continues well, I've sold plenty of modules and a few ships but I've also worked out what new modules I need to bring BPC's. 

Supplies of raw materials are good, I had three hauler spawns whilst ratting which bought in a nice amount of mexallon and pyerite so I don't need any for a while and thanks to a friend who has much better station standings than me I was able to bring in a couple of dreadnaughts worth of materials as railguns and he reprocessed them at 100%.

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