Tuesday, 29 April 2014

I Spy A Future Change?

A patch was released last night weighing in at nearly 300mb, details are available on the patch notes but a few changes to the UI seem to have occurred. Most noticeable was the Character Selection screen which has changed to a really nice blue hue instead of the red it was before.

There were a few other changes listed but it was when I was looking at ship details later that I noticed that the Traits page had changed and now included icons representing roles/modules that the ship can use/be under the heading of Ship Characteristics. It's very nice and moving the mouse over the icons shows descriptive text about what the icon means.

Here is the text for a Interceptor:

But what really piqued my interest was what I saw when I viewed the Details for a Freighter or Jump Freighter:

I wonder what that XL icon means, let's have a look at what the tool tip says:

Well "bounce me up and down and call me Skippy", could this mean that Freighters and Jump Freighters are in for a major overhaul in the Summer expansion, could they be finally be getting module/rig slots and be able to have defensive and tanking modules fitted?

Obviously this could just be the UI being updated, after all Freighters/Jump Freighters are considered Capital Ships and thus would, if they could, be fitted with capital sized modules. But there is the chance, however small, that these ships are being looked and receiving the long-needed upgrade to allow them to be rigged and fitted with modules.

Hopefully we'll find out more during/after Fanfest 2014.

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