Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Challenge Update

It's been just over a week since I started my "null sec manufacturing challenge" as prompted by Lorna over at A Scientist's Life in EVE.

My aim was to produce T1/T2 modules and a few ships for sale in my local null sec market. Over the course of a week I moved all the raw materials into my base along with BPO's/BPC's and whilst it took two JF loads more than I thought I did finally get everything moved.

The station I'm in had plenty of slots free for manufacturing so I started producing combat modules that I was running low on. These comprised T2 variants of warp points/scramblers and webifiers as well as T2 auto-cannons and artillery.

What Did I Make

I produced 30 of each module and listed them for sale at a base price point a little above Jita but with enough of a markup that it was profitable and covered all my costs and then some. Local competition was present, especially 1 jump away, but in the case of the guns my nearest competitor was 6 jumps away. 


I've obviously stocked correctly because I've sold nearly all the items I manufactured over the weekend bringing in 145 million ISK, I've already started on a second run and thanks to prompting from some alliance people I've even added some shield defensive modules to the list of production so I can list these.

145 million may not sound much, it's not really as I can make that in about 4 hours ratting in null sec, but it's a good income for no more than ten minutes of actual work and supplements my other income streams quite nicely.

I still have over 1900 BPC's to work through and all the raw materials I need to complete these so I will be continuing to watch the local market and adjust my production accordingly.

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