Monday, 7 April 2014

A Funny Thing Happened In Jita

I received word from a good friend that he'd had an interesting incident occur in Jita that resulted in my friend being given a PLEX's worth of game time for raising a petition.

Firing Up The Time Machine

My friend was on his way to Jita with one of his alt characters (who happened to be a misspelling of one of PvP characters) and upon docking in 4-4 a trade window immediately opened, from a character he did not know, and some ESS tokens appeared and the green tick. So he did what any normal EVE player would do, he accepted the trade and received the tokens which turned out to be worth around 1 billion ISK.

Trade content proposed and accepted
At this point my friend started to think hard about what happened, was it a generous donation to another player from someone rich (it might happen) or could something untoward have been going on and he got in the middle of by accident and no fault of his own? 

So he decided to petition CCP to find out if he could keep them and to at least limit any liability. The petition was submitted, with a screenshot of his hanger and the details of both his Journal (showing the trade) and the characters involved.

Team Security Responds

It didn't take long for CCP to respond and no less by someone from Team Security, CCP Peligro. My friend was thanked for raising the query and informed that the "assets came from an RMT operative and they have been removed" (I'm paraphrasing the actual and full text). Details could not, of course, be provided but as a thank you my friend received an extra 30 days of game time on his account.

Suffice to say my friend is happy, gloating even that he managed to get a PLEX on his account for "helping catch" an RMT Operative and to boot he has a story to tell.

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