Tuesday, 10 December 2013

One Giant Step for EVE Online, One More Poorly Timed Feature for Everyone

With all the wailing during Walking In Station protests and CCP saying they are refocusing back on spaceships I find it very interesting that out of the blue Twitch TV integration has been announced.
People use it sure and there are some good streams I'm sure but surely the resources used to develop and test this new feature could have been focused on something more relevant to the players rather than the 1%* who do use the service.
I've seen people comment that it's something that will be great for a couple of a weeks and then it will be forgotten or ignored by everyone else. I agree, it really does to me be one of those short life features that people fawn over but will soon forget.
It doesn't help that the implementation that we have been given doesn't even have the basic feature-set that most external casting software provides (the most oft quoted omission is the ability to delay-cast your stream).
The backend changes that were rolled out in the Downtime tonight were of more use to the populous of EVE Online than the twitch.tv integration.
But what do I know, I'm just one voice in space and as everyone knows in space no one can hear you scream...

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