Tuesday, 3 December 2013

"It's just pixels"

I still cringe when I see loss mails of people ganked in high sec in their officer/faction fit ships or the freighter with their worldly possessions lost because they auto piloted through the wrong system at the wrong time. Let us not forget the people who just want to play by themselves or in a small group with as little interaction with the rest of the universe.
These things remind us that EVE Online is a hard, unforgiving place.
I can remember each ship I've lost and story attached to it (most were lost due to mistakes I made), the effort I went to earn the money to buy the ship and fit it not to mention each skill to make the most of the ship I had to train.
The subject of this post is the most often quoted response when someone in EVE shows a little bit of sentimentality or is perceived to be getting too serious within the game. I've (to my disgust) used it previously, I've had it used in responses to me and I've certainly seen other people use it when arguing or discussing things with others.
Yes, it may just be pixels but they are MY pixels and I've invested time and effort into them, it's not your place to judge or insult me because I've spent time and money in doing something only to have it lost or done something you had no control over.
So you, the person judging me and telling me I'm wrong in everything I'm doing, please shut up because they are my pixels and I'll do whatever I want with them.

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