Friday, 13 December 2013

Moving Cargo

Most of my characters can fly freighters and those that cannot are only a few days away from being able to, should I need them to. As a result I do move a lot of cargo myself and with Low-Grade Nomad implants not as slow as it used to be.
That said there are times when I don't want to (read: can't be bothered), cannot or wish to mitigate risk by using a 3rd party service. In the case of the latter I use Red Frog Freight and a very happy customer am I.
Red Frog Freight, for when it absolutely, positively must arrive.
Their rules for use are simple and when I have made a mistake during the setup of the contract I've been contacted by someone very quickly with details of the mistake for me to fix. The Trip Calculator is simple and provides the whole cost of the contract you'll pay, all you have to do is fill in the Courier Contract details with what the calculator states and what collateral you want to secure the cargo.
They say that it may take up to 3 days for any contract to be accepted and then 1 day to complete, I've never had a contract last more than 24 hours. I find setting contracts just before I logout for a night results in my cargo being where I need by the time I wake up, that's service.
I use Red Frog at least six times a week, mostly moving items from my high sec staging system to Jita or vice versa. The benefit, apart from the overnight movement is I don't have to worry about the Niarja pipe (the 0.5 system between Amarr to Jita where a lot of suicide ganking occurs).
Setting collateral to cover any cargo I am moving (I never move more than 1 billion ISK per contract, and insure it for its actual value) will see me still benefit if it is lost but, touch wood, I've not had that happen. Nor have I had a contract stolen by someone within Red Frog. I'm lucky I guess.
So if you're new to EVE and want to move large amounts of cargo around and mitigate some of the risk I'd recommend giving Red Frog Freight a try.


  1. One of my alts is a relatively new Red Frog pilot and from the other side of the business I've had a similar experience. Well run and well organized.

    There are incentives for pilots to haul the oldest contracts - so it's not surprising that yours get picked up relatively quickly.

    And I think you can pretty much forget about the possibility of a contract being stolen if you put on an appropriate collateral (we all enjoy hauling - and aren't really in it for a one time gank that would result in expulsion from the corp).

    1. This.

      I use Red Frog Freight over Public Contracts (and other similar corporations) because I trust it.

      I know one day I will lose something but I try to set the correct collateral and ensure that any loss will be a minor thing.

      I also try to 'tip' the people who do deliver my goods. It may cost me 9.5m a run at the moment but I have tipped 50m to a couple of RFF pilots who have delivered my cargo and I think they're worth it.