Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Being in Battle

I make sure I've logged into TeamSpeak am in the correct channel and alter my input/output volumes so that I can be heard clearly and hear what I said clearly. When there is a break in the conversation and no intel is being given, I ask what ship type is needed and where rally point is.
Given this information I finish the logging in to the game. I appear in station and I open my ship hanger and select one of my Malediction's. I have four ready to fly that are equipped for the role of fast tackle.
I focus on my ship and it's role, I made sure that I have the right fit and ammunition. I can feel my level of concentration increasing, clearing my thoughts and increasing my heart rate.
I undock and alter my view from a zoom in of the ship to something further out giving me more of a 360 degree view around my ship. I warp to the rally point (a POS in system) and en-route double check my HUD.
On the overview I have the PvP tab selected and verify that all ship types are selected with brackets off and I move the game HUD (with all my modules) to be at the top right of my screen next to the overview with targets underneath in a vertical arrangement of two columns.
I'm still listening to TeamSpeak and reading the Intel channels, our quarry is being reported and cloaked ships are watching them. More people are joining fleet, shield battlecruisers are arrayed around the POS tower as I land, mixed with some Scimitar's who will provide logistics assistance.
The sight of our fleet causes me to feel a tightening of my chest and I filter all localised noises out. I am listening to TeamSpeak and only TeamSpeak now.
Fleet is ready, the quarry are two systems out and moving towards us as a group. Their fast tackle is next door to use already sniffing out the path and looking for targets, fortunately none exist they are being guided by an unseen hand towards us.
FC starts giving orders of how this will play out, my mouth is dry so I take a sip of my drink, we have orders to get amongst the enemy and grab any fast tackle ships attempting to burn out of the engagement area or any other ships attempting to flee.
I see why, we have two Sabre's arrive at the POS, we will be engaging at brawling ranges with bubbles pulling our fleet on top of theirs.
I can feel my heart beating faster still, combat is imminent.
The enemy fleet is reported to have jumped into the system next to ours, their fast tackle is on the gate to our system. I check my modules, all active modules are bound to the F1 to F8 keys for easy activation.
I activate my Damage Control and check the modules are at the correct keys:
My rockets are grouped at F1, my point at F2, second point at F3, micro warp drive at F4 and my repair module is there at F5, loaded with nanite paste and pre-overheated.
I can feel my heart racing now, beating faster and faster. I can hear it in my chest as I try to clam myself down by breathing slower and with large breaths.
"Ready to go" I reply in TeamSpeak when asked by the FC if I'm ready.
The order to align is given, I align and give a burst of my micro warp drive to get ahead of the fleet, our quarry have landed on the gate to our system and their fast tackle has just jumped to us.
"Tackle go" is the order from FC
I click the warp button and instantly enter warp. Four interceptors and two Sabre's enter warp.
My heart is as fast as it can, my mouth is dry again and it seems as if I'm watching what is happening in slow motion. 
"fleet warp to gate" is the next words spoken on TeamSpeak.
It's only a couple of AU's to the gate and we make it there just as the enemy fast tackle is decloaking, bubbles appear around me as I exit warp.
The enemy fleet has jumped, I am surrounded. I pick my targets and start moving.
Our fleet lands as theirs uncloaks. Battle commences...
I'm breathing as fast as I can, I can feel the tightness in my chest and I am focused, listening to orders and watching the battlefield for targets.
This is why I play EVE Online, I love this game.

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