Wednesday, 29 July 2015

What good are standings now?

It's not a bug, it's a feature.

That used to be the muttering when a mistake in a program was used to make life better for the users and instead of being removed it was fought for and remained, often with additional work to make it "production quality".

Well it seems CCP have had this happen, I'm sure it's happened before and will again but they've admitted it was an error and feedback from users has influenced their decision to let it remain "as-is" rather than what they planned, which to change it back to the way it worked.

Ths is a great change, I'm very happy they have decided to leave it alone. Having had new alts have to grind or travel to null in order to use a Rorqual to create a fresh clone is a pain in the arse but no longer do I have to do this.

Estel Arador Corp Services (and other jump clone services) have long provided this service for free and have been the saviour of many a pilot. I agree wholeheartedly with Mike Azariah in the Reddit post that a statue or some kind of "official recognition" for the services that were provided is needed by CCP.

It does beg the question now though, aside from lowering Tax and increasing Refining/Reprocessing amounts what purpose do Standings have?


  1. Isn't that enough? NPC standings only matter to carebears anyways. Also, don't forget that it was already possible to backdoor jump clones anywhere just by travelling to the location and jumping to an existing clone.

  2. Making autopilot in HiSec more hazardous than it already is?

  3. NPC standings are a terrible, outdated mechanic. I strongly object to having to grind to unlock content. And standings grinds are the absolute worst form.

    Just delete NPC standings entirely and focus on player interactions.