Monday, 27 July 2015

Feel the Burn

Niarja and Uedama, two 0.5 systems that see a large proportion of high value high sec losses. Gankers are very active here and they are systems I try to avoid, if at all possible.

Apparently the FC for MiniLove (Goonswarm ganking "arm") is stepping down so to "see him off" there has been an increase in ganking occurring.

It's being very profitable according to the killboard details for the past weekend. 

I wasn't aware this was happening and was told last night by a friend in the 'swarm. This meant I paid attention as I was travelling through high sec instead of using the autopilot and doing something else. So glad I did as last night I was scanned by SIX different ships in four different systems on my approach to Niarja.

I made it safely to station but I sent an alt through Niarja to see what was there and II'm so glad I did. Local spiked and a gank occurred when I would have been passing through, flashy red was Local.

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