Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Tiamat Release Day

It's been a good run, CCP have released some excellent content through expansions since Kronos. Most have had one or two features that could be considered "marquee" with fixes and balancing changes around them. 

Hyperion is the only expansion I didn't get excited about but I'm going to have to add Tiamat to that now. The projectile turret rebalancing would be a distant second place but nothing else really stands ou, first would have to be the new Drifters (more below).


The only feature I find interesting for me is the introduction of the Drifters, either a new NPC or an offshoot of the Jovian's. Further information can be found here.

The pictures we've had are very (Star Trek) Borg-like but their battleship and weapons are just plain sexy. The battleships seem rather lightly tanked but with an insanely powerful 'super weapon'.

How this fits in with the Lore will be very interesting and I'm looking forward to reading more about the Drifters, Jovians and supposition on how they are all linked in the coming weeks. 

Padding Things Out

To say I'm apathetic about this is an understatement but "free" content is "free" and at some point I'm sure to see, fly or kill the Svipul (new T3 Minmatar destroyer).

I'm sorry this is a sub-par post but I wanted to have something to record the release of Tiamat. 

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