Friday, 20 February 2015

Free Gifts from CCP

I ignored the post at first but a short post, on the free gift all active accounts will be getting to celebrate the CSM X election, by the EVE Hermit warranted further comment I thought.


In celebration of CSM X we shall be receiving a new shuttle but wait, its not just ANY shuttle its a Council Diplomatic Shuttle which is a decommissioned, disarmed Pacifier class CONCORD frigate!

This is quite cool and instead of receiving the hull every active account, on the 25th February, will be able to redeem a 10 run BPC of the ship. 

The statistics of the ship aren't very special, seems to be very similar to a normal shuttle with a 5 AU warp speed, 500m/s base speed. Interestingly though it is able to lock up-to two targets (for what use considering it can't fit modules).


CCP Leeloo also added this:
Every account that votes in CSM X election will also receive 10 collectible trinkets one for each council which will contain a list of all council members who served during that term. Just a little keepsake for your fond memories of every single CSM member who has served on the council over the years.
More free stuff! I like collectibles so this will be a nice addition to what I've got saved from previous give aways.

Alliance Tournament Prize

It seems to that this year the winners of the two alliance tournaments (for Tranquillity and Serenity (the Chinese server) will fight it out for another new ship (Victorieux Luxury Yacht) that will only be released on the winners server. 

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