Monday, 9 February 2015

20 days

It wasn't my intention to not post for nearly three weeks but unfortunately two medical issues, a trip to the hospital and a whole lot of stress and worry forced me to neglect that which I enjoy far too much.

I'm still not fully well, I'm back at work and seeing far too many doctors but I am better and one good thing about the break (although I still logged into EVE to do basic tasks) was that I got to spend time thinking and I came up with a couple of great ideas for posts as well as new directions for a couple of drafts that I've been working on.

So a big sorry to my (two) readers and I promise to release some content to make up for it over the next few days. 


  1. Make that 3 readers, a 50% increase! No, not due to your absence. :) Best wishes on the recovery.

  2. Drama queen! Feedly tells me you have at least 11 readers.
    Speedy recovery, maybe just jump into a fresh clone?