Friday, 5 February 2016

The Power of Three

I've previously covered a titan kill in Mai and mentioned several times how this system in Domain is home to some extremely capable and dangerous pilots.

It's been a while since I've seen anything worthy of a post and today I was pointed this.

Great, Smashing, Super

Gatchythepirate was caught in Mai by a team of three. Two Heavy Interdictor Cruisers and a Bhaalgorn managed to get the killmail.

The story is, like most, quite simple:

All is quiet,
Cyno goes up 
Boy finds Girl but she runs away,
Boy finds Girls again and captures her (heart),
But Girl kills self due to crippling intimacy issues leaving Boy alone, again.

It's almost like Shakespeare wrote it, brings a tear to my eyes every time. 

Gather Round Children, It's Story Time

Gatchythepirate planned his entry into Mai very well and was executed flawlessly , the cyno went up and was down before anyone could enter warp. Normally this is where stories end but in this case the Wyvern remained on scan and a prober quickly entered system and was able to get a fix on the Wyvern's location and tackle was entered warp.

Tackle entered grid to see no Supercarrier, obviously the ship had cloaked but was he still on grid?
Well the answer was yes because as tackle was exiting warp they passed close enough to the target to decloak him.

The Wyvern pilot used his Projected ECM and used this to escape by entering warp. unfortunately he warped to zero at the Planet 1 POCO where he was pursued and captured again. The pilot then made a choice to self-destruct his ship as the possibility of salvation or surviving was close to nil.

Shortly after there was a rather large explosion and no more Wyvern.

That'll Hurt

Gatchythepirate, believed to be an alt of well know super scammer PatchyThePirate, was very chilled about the loss:
[17:29:38] Gatchythepirate > Yo
[17:29:43] Gatchythepirate > how long you guys were following me?
[17:30:07] Gatchythepirate > damn NSA playing Eve now
Gatchythepirate was extremely unlucky and was trying to move through a very dangerous system. He almost made it, certainly more competently than others who have tried, but almost isn't good enough.

There is some talk on a Reddit post that questions why, with only three attackers, that the Wyvern didn't want until the Projected ECM reloaded (one wag thought it funny to say he did not have this skill trained because it was in his cargo, he did and did use it) before trying again and jumping out. 

Loot was pretty light, this appears to have been either a pre or after sale move and as such it explains the T2 nature of the fit that is designed, not for combat but travel.

I wasn't able to contact Gatchythepirate to get his input in this but it makes sense that he didn't know reinforcements weren't on the way so he self-destructed in order to avoid being solo killed by a lone Bhaalgorn.

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