Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Hunkering Down and PROFIT!

Last night was hauling night.
Two freighters made short work of the moving of product to Jita for sale. The Amarr->Jita pipe was full of reds and I made sure I used my scout to watch them and keep an eye for bumping Mach's on gates before I entered warp.
The journey was not really eventful but I did manage to pick up a war dec from PIRAT for my troubles. Interestingly the Jump Freighter pilot got the war dec whereas the freighter pilot, in a totally unrelated corp but who jumped through gates at the same time, did not.
I was tempted to send a mail to the PIRAT pilots laughing at their stupid war dec but I decided against it. A one week, stay in null sec doing profitable things could turn into a couple of weeks quite easily if I offended them.
So I remained quiet, finished my jumps and got home in time for a cup of tea and to drop off some courier packages.

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