Thursday, 23 April 2015

We Need More Power

After getting excited and posting two decent posts in a day I have been waylaid by Mother Nature. A truely massive storm has hit New South Wales and aside from (what I believe) has been around 30cm of rain in less than 36 hours, over 100km/h wind things have been good.

Well nearly, we have no power. Have had no power since 5:30am on Tuesday and we aren't expecting it to return until either Sunday or Monday. At least that's what the rumour from the neighbours brothers friend, sisters worst enemy.

The entire coast I live on his been hit hard, there was mention of 200,000 homes without power yesterday and they've said this morning only 30,000 remain. The emergency crews have had a lot of issues to deal with so paitence is what we need ot have, 

I've had to resort to reading a book. Yes a real actual physical book although around 5:30pm when the sun starts to wane is the latest I can read it. Candle light just doesn't provide enough light for my eyes to be comfortable reading.

Still, I've been getting lots of time to think about new things to write about... 

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