Tuesday, 28 April 2015


Coming soon are a whole raft of ship skins, these have story about them but I'm not really enthused about them.

The video gives lore behind the ship skin release.

People have requested for many years (probably from the time EVE was released) that CCP allow custom ship skins, seems they finally relented and have allowed a somewhat limited fashion. You can't create your own to paint your ship with but a lot of new skins are being released, representing a different in-game organisations/companies.


I just can't get interested in this at all, sure the game looks great and these will allow ships to change appearance and people can select what they like but its clearly micro transactions and must likely CCP hope will bring in more income.

It probably will be I really don't care, my ships look great in the stock configuration and unless I can use a SKIN that will modify my visibility or allow me to shake off lock attempts I don't care.

Give me new functionality or changes to existing things over cosmetic changes like this. 

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  1. Eve is sorta weird this way. I hardly every look at someone else's ship and even less often look at mine. Maybe in the mosh pit that's an exit from the Amarr station I see them - but otherwise I'm out far enough that ships are just crosses on the screen.

    I noticed that i had some free skins for my accounts and one of them (a destroyer skin I think) sold for 200m+ in Jita. The others didn't have market prices worth messing with, so I stashed them in a junk container in Jita for future speculation.

    I would buy a skin that includes my corp emblem. And I looked at a Quafe skin for my Obelisk freighter (it was a bit expensive though...). But otherwise, I'm not very interested.